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Garages are used for a variety of different purposes and reasons. Some people use them for storage, others make them into a home project; some even create an entertainment room in their garage. However, for all those things, one thing remains vitally important: proper use of a garage door to ensure safety and security. There are lots of accidents that occur and can be easily avoided with proper knowledge about the essential safety tips for garage doors.

To ensure that you’re not the victim of a garage door accident, you need to be well-versed in the safety tips of garage doors. When living in a home with a garage door, you need to concern yourself with the security of your family members, and the security of your home as well. To ensure that you’re prepared for all events, here are the essential garage door safety tips that everyone needs to know:

1.      Keep the garage door controls away from kids

Kids love playing with garage doors, and can get into trouble when playing with garage door opener controls. They can not only damage the garage doors, but hurt themselves in the process. There have been instances in little kids getting injured while fooling around with garage door opener controls, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

2.      Never allow children to play with the remote controls of your garage door

It is best to keep the remote controls of your garage door in a place where your kids may not come across them while playing. They may open the garage door and let in strangers or worse hurt themselves while playing with the garage door. So, make it a rule in your house that no child is ever to play with the remote controls of your garage door.

3.      Inspect the garage door every month to ensure it is in proper operational order

Make sure that the garage door operates smoothly, since there have been instances where a poorly working garage door caused an accident. Failing to inspect the garage door can place you in uncomfortable situations. For instance, there have been incidents of people finding themselves locked in their own garage due to a malfunctioning garage door.

4.      Never leave your garage door half-open when not in use

You shouldn’t leave your garage door half-open, since it can lead to unnecessary accidents, especially if you have kids, who like to run about when playing. It is also an invitation to burglars to get a good look inside your garage and look for valuables and tools that they can steal.

5.      Lock the Garage Door when On Vacation

This seems like an obvious tip, but a lot of people tend to forget about this. When going on vacation make sure that your garage door is locked and unplugged, since this is one of the first entry points that burglars try to open. You can also install additional security when you’re leaving for vacation so that your home is completely safe from all burglary attempts.




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