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Top 5 Garage Trends in 2017

Garages are one of the most prominent sectors of our beautiful homes and are usually the first thing observed by a number of people. People who take great care of their houses and invest their money and time to beautify their house’s interior as well as exterior, also take great care of their garages and consider the latest trends.

 You would love to know the 2017 trends regarding garage door installation and would also love to incorporate them as a concerned garage owner.

#1: Smart Home Technology and Smart Garage

People have started to use smart home technologies since past couple of years. However, this trend has become quite common this year.  Everybody owns a smartphone in this day and age and most people have now installed smart garage doors for added security and convenience. There are iOS and Android apps available that help in operating the garage doors seamlessly without the need of any additional remote. This has incredibly reduced the chances of illegal entry into the house providing a secure system.

#2:  Latest Color Scheme

Gone are the days when people used to paint their garage doors with boring pale colors. Now is the time when people like their garage doors to stand out and also compliment their rest of the house. Nowadays people are choosing bright shades for their garage doors that are also graffiti-resistant. This has made their garage look lively, dynamic and vital part of the house. Painting your garage door also allows one to scrutinize the door critically, which is good for the overall maintenance of the garage.

#3: Conserving Energy

The best way to conserve the energy and lower down your electricity bills is by installing insulation in your garage doors. People go for different types of insulation such as reflection insulation, batt insulation, etc. This keeps the inner temperature controlled and safe from the harsh external weather. Also depending upon the type of insulation, insulated doors keep the garage and the household warm and cozy in winter and save from excessive heat and UV rays in summer.

#4: Affordable Garage Door Installation

In 2017, people have shifted from the traditional garage doors to the garage doors made up of low maintenance material. These materials include fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl. These materials are resistant to peeling, highly durable, and require very low maintenance. Vinyl and aluminum are also light-weighted and easy to install. These materials are quite affordable and better alternates. Fiberglass and vinyl are ideal for the garage owners living in humid conditions or coastal areas.

#5: Matching Windows

We all know that garage doors are huge and gigantic. However, you would be amazed to know that people are actually incorporating windows on the garage doors similar to their house windows. Matching windows that let the natural sunlight in is the latest trend in 2017.

People are opting for a more contemporary style and are enjoying the latest design trends that have given their house a unique and stylish look.

These are the top 5 garage trends that have been observed lately and are expected to be seen in 2018 as well. Let us see how technology advances and adds new trends involving garage doors soon.




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